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About Us

Just Haiti aims to build an equitable and fair partnership between coffee consumers in North America and coffee growers in Haiti.


Our goals are for the growers to not only grow high-quality coffee but also to profit from all post-harvest operations required to export and sell their coffee to North Americans.


Coffee is the world’s second most valuable commodity — after crude oil.


The United States imports and consumes more coffee than any other country, accounting for one-fourth of all coffee imports.


Around the globe, the annual consumption of coffee has expanded to more than 12 billion pounds, and continues to grow every year.

JUST HAITI, Inc. is a faith-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to an alternative way of doing business in which the wealth that is generated through Haitian resource development or the sale of Haitian products is retained by the producers in Haiti. JUST HAITI, Inc. focuses on the poorest communities of Haiti, transforming both the consumer and producer through a just and dignified relationship.

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