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Business Model

Coffee Development

Just Haiti partners with US-based organizations--usually churches-- as well as Haitian organizations to develop coffee in Haiti. The US-based partner provides the up-front financing for training and technical assistance, led by an agronomist and experienced growers.


The Haitian implementing partner, which is sometimes a local NGO and sometimes a local church (and sometimes both!) identifies and animates the growers who will participate, helps to organize trainings, organizes and develops leadership for the grower associations, and oversees the work of the agronomist.


Just Haiti provides technical assistance and advice to both the US and Haitian partners, provides the trainers and makes recommendations on agronomists, and facilitates the transportation and export of the coffee.

Coffee Marketing and Sales

Our US-based partners also commit to marketing and selling the coffee within their own communities. Often this means holding sales at their own church, and purchasing the coffee for their own fellowship hours and events.


Our partners also reach out to local businesses and churches in their communities and networks, extending Just Haiti's reach beyond what we could do ourselves.


Just Haiti also partners with US groups, such as churches or universities, who want to send immersion groups to Haiti and experience first-hand the work we do, and in return they agree to partner with us through the sale of coffee in their home communities.

For information about partnering with Just Haiti, contact Kim Lamberty.

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