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Enviromental Impacts

Just Haiti is dedicated to providing the consumer with the finest shade grown Arabica coffee, chemical-free, and packaged and shipped using recycled materials.


Haiti is 98% deforested, causing flooding, landslides, soil erosion, and loss of biodiversity. Deforestation is one of the major underlying causes of poverty in Haiti. Soil erosion diminishes agricultural productivity, and when the soil washes into the rivers and bays, it depletes the fish population. Most Haitians live in a permanent state of insecurity, due to the threat of flooding and landslides from tropical storms.


Shade-grown coffee encourages coffee growers to not only keep their trees, but to plant new ones. Just Haiti supports local tree-planting through our loan fund. This protects Haiti’s environment, and also enables the growers to produce more coffee, and so earn a higher income.

Just Haiti offers premium roasted coffee which is roasted by our partner in Pfefferkorn's Coffee in Baltimore, MD.


Our coffee is packaged in compostable recycled bags and shipped in boxes made of recycled cardboard.

Learn more about this environmentally friendly cash crop from the National Resources Defense Council.

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