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Haiti is enduring a period of profound difficulty as Port-au-Prince and other locations are engaged with gang violence. The main ports (both sea and air) are now effectively closed as the intense fighting have rendered Haiti’s capital city a war zone.  As a result, the grower communities for Just Haiti Coffee are unable to get their beans out of Haiti and into our coffee mugs.

We import beans from Haiti multiple times per year for roasting here in the US, so that our coffee is as fresh as possible and the growers get the best possible return for their labor. We are running low on coffee beans because of the continuing crisis.

To stretch our supply, we are working with our wonderful roaster (Pfefferkorn’s Coffee, Inc.) to create a new Haitian-Brazilian blend.  For the next several months, the coffee you buy from Just Haiti will be 2/3 Haitian and 1/3 Brazilian.  The Brazilian coffee will be sourced from fair trade vendors, and of course our grower communities in Haiti will continue to receive a fair-trade price up front plus all the profits from the sale of the coffee.  

Our new Haitian-Brazilian blend is a smooth, delicious blend combining notes from beautiful places and diverse grower communities.   While hosting a table at the Fair Trade Conference we offered samples of our new Haitian-Brazilian blend.  All who sampled agreed it was exceptional coffee.

Please email Michele at and she will be happy to help with your order!

Bulk Purchase:

Bulk roast, 50 or more 12 oz = $9.95/bag

Bulk roast, 50 pounds or more = $9.95/pound

Bulk green, 50 pounds or more = $7/pound

Bulk pillow paks, 48 or more = $70

Bulk Purchase Note:

To place orders above 50 bags, please email us at We will respond promptly. Bulk prices below do not include shipping. Orders are payable in advance by check or by credit card through Paypal invoicing.

To ensure a quality product, Just Haiti roasts and packages coffee once a week. Orders received by Sunday at 6 pm EST are roasted, packaged and shipped that week. 

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