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Our Coffee

Just Haiti is dedicated to providing you, the consumer, with the finest shade grown, chemical-free Arabica coffee.



Premium Single Origin – Showcasing our growers in Baptiste, Haiti, this is our finest coffee coming out of Haiti. It is a graceful and smooth medium body with notes of cocoa, dried fruit, and hazelnut. You won’t want to save our best for last!

NOTES: Cocoa - Dried Fruit - Hazelnut


Medium-Dark Roast – This medium to full body French Roast blends beans from all our Haitian producers. It is a beautiful balance between deep roasted body and a delicate sweetness combining the notes of cocoa, pecan, and stone fruit.

NOTES: Cocoa – Pecan - Stone Fruit


Dark Roast – This is a full body, smokey dark Haitian Roast with low acidity. It is our most popular coffee. It has highlights of dark chocolate with a roasted almond finish and is a great start to any day with a smooth and relaxing mellowness.

NOTES: Smokey - Dark Chocolate - Roasted Almond

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