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Fair and Direct Trade

Where each dollar for Just Haiti Coffee goes.

Just Haiti belongs to the Fair Trade Federation, which ensures that coffee growers receive at least the current fair trade price for their harvests. This will help them to achieve a decent living standard. It also means that Just Haiti agrees to a set of social justice principles, such as fair labor practices, environmental sustainability, and community development, so that our work benefits Haitian coffee growers and their families for years to come.

Just Haiti is also a direct trade organization. This means that we purchase coffee directly from the grower associations, with no intermediary organizations. The up-front price we pay is higher—usually higher than the fair trade price—and we return all profits from the sale of the coffee directly to the coffee growers and their families. This puts more money in their pockets.

Our approach—fair and direct trade—enables families to support themselves with better food, health care and education, and to contribute to strengthening their own communities.

We believe that income generation, not charity, is the solution to poverty in Haiti. Just Haiti’s business model provides a just income in return for the hard labor of processing coffee.

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