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Shipping Information!

To ensure a quality product, JH roasts and packages coffee once a week. Orders received by Sunday at 6 pm EST are roasted, packaged and shipped that week. 

How to buy coffee online guide!
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Premium Single Origin – Showcasing our growers in Baptiste, Haiti, this is our finest coffee coming out of Haiti. It is a graceful and smooth medium body with notes of cocoa, dried fruit, and hazelnut. You won’t want to save our best for last!

NOTES: Cocoa - Dried Fruit - Hazelnut

Medium-Dark Roast – This medium to full body French Roast blends beans from all our Haitian producers. It is a beautiful balance between deep roasted body and a delicate sweetness combining the notes of cocoa, pecan, and stone fruit.

NOTES: Cocoa – Pecan - Stone Fruit

Dark Roast – This is a full body, smokey dark Haitian Roast with low acidity. It is our most popular coffee. It has highlights of dark chocolate with a roasted almond finish and is a great start to any day with a smooth and relaxing mellowness.

NOTES: Smokey - Dark Chocolate - Roasted Almond

Please email Michele at and she will be happy to help with your order!

Shipping costs:

01 to 10 bags = $8.95

11 to 20 bags = $17.90

21 to 30 bags = $26.85

31 to 40 bags = $35.80

41 to 50 bags = $44.75

Bulk Purchase:

Bulk roast, 50 or more 12 oz = $9.95/bag

Bulk roast, 50 pounds or more = $9.95/pound

Bulk green, 50 pounds or more = $7/pound

Bulk pillow paks, 48 or more = $70

Bulk Purchase Note:

To place orders above 50 bags, please email us at We will respond promptly. Bulk prices below do not include shipping. Orders are payable in advance by check or by credit card through Paypal invoicing.

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