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Carcasse Region

Association of Producers of Coffee in Carcasse (APCC) joined Just Haiti in 2011, becoming the second association to market their coffee through Just Haiti.  Their U.S. partner is St Mary's Barnesville in Maryland.


APCC is located in and around the towns of Carcasse and Capafou in the far southwestern point of the Grand Anse Department. The economy is based on subsistence farming and fishing, as both Carcasse and Capafou are located on the coast. Their coffee production (not suited to coastal areas) is located in the steep mountains inland from the towns.



Prior to joining Just Haiti, the farmers of the region cultivated small amounts of coffee, mainly for their own use, as the market price through speculators was too for coffee low to be a viable cash crop. The introduction of Just Haiti’s fair price plus model changed their entire calculus. The growers formed an association (APCC), received instruction on the cultivation of export grade coffee, and are now busy preparing for the 2012 harvest.

Coffee as a cash crop has the potential to significantly raise the standard of living for these growers and positively impact the economy of the communities in which they reside. The dignity of having some measure of control over their destiny allows them hope for a brighter future.

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